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Conserving resources through the use of waste paper.

The paper and cardboard products from PKVarel are made almost 100% of the secondary raw material waste paper. We contribute substantially to sustainability through the principle of recycling. Energy consumption and the expenditure of treating waste water is reduced by recycling already used raw materials.

However, to make new from old, we depend on unmixed waste paper. Waste management companies and waste paper merchants are strategic partners who supply us with high-grade waste paper for processing. In total, the paper and cardboard factory processes about 875,000 tonnes of waste paper annually.

Our raw material waste paper contains more and more plastic waste. We have decided to process these rejects into a usable product. In our rejects processing plant, built in 2018, the mixture is broken up, crushed, sorted and dried, using waste heat from paper and cardboard production. We then press the rejects into so-called pellets. These are used as alternative fuels in industry, for example, thus saving CO2.


  • Waste paper
    Cardboard production was switched from straw to 100% recycled paper back in 1950. This made Papier- u. Kartonfabrik Varel one of the very first recycling companies.

    Today, the processing of various waste papers is key to producing high-quality ecological paper and board grades, which are on par with products made from pure virgin fibre, ensuring reliable use for the packaging industry.

    Upon delivery, the waste paper grades are subjected to testing and stored according to their assemblage. The various collections consist of, for example, old packaging from supermarkets, publishing and printing waste, office paper and household collections. They are used in specific mixtures for the various paper qualities of the Jade product range.
    Waste paper from sorted cardboard
    Waste paper from sorted cardboard

  • Fibre raw material / recycled paper procurement
    Partnerships instead of supplier relationships
    Long-standing partnerships with our paper suppliers have resulted in a security of supply of raw materials that allows us to quickly react to market trends. Please refer to Fibre Procurement for more information about the different types needed.

    If you are interested in becoming a supplier, please contact us at:

    The first quality test takes place on the truck
    The first quality test takes place on the truck

  • Waste recycling
    Many paper wastes include residues that need to be separated from waste paper, such as staples, coating materials, composite materials or textiles.

    These so-called rejects (non-paper materials) are separated in the course of dissolving the waste paper in the pulper (an oversized beating vat) with a pigtail. The pigtail is a steel cable around which the residual waste accumulates during the dissolution process, allowing it to be removed from the resulting mass.

    Additional sophisticated sieving method clean the waste paper, until the fibrous material is finally relieved of ink residues in the deinking process.

    The rejects are collected, dried and sorted, forwarded to recycling or fed to the thermal utilisation system.

    Shredded rejects
    Shredded rejects

  • Recycling station / waste paper centre
    Papier- u. Kartonfabrik Varel is a certified waste management company. For the delivery of raw materials, in addition to waste paper containers we also provide options for the disposal of waste glass and clothing.

    Opening times of the recycling station / waste paper station
    Monday - Saturday 08:00 am - 07:00 pm
    Closed on Sundays and holidays

    Gate 1, lorry parking on the left
    Recyclingstation Gate 1
    Recyclingstation Gate 1

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